Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ghana Travels

 Along the road from Oguaa to Accra- the reaction after I waved.     B Upton

Enjoying my month stay in sunny, vibrant Ghana. We are visiting family and soaking up the sun and warm hospitality for which Ghanaians are renown. Here is a little photo essay to give you a taste of this beautiful West African country.

God's Grace Barberings- You often see scripture embedded in business names- one of my favorites- "Forgive them God They Know Not What They Do Saloon" 

A slow day (Sunday) at Kaneshie Market

This is Accra's central market, down the street. There are 8 million here and on any given day they all seem to be at the Makola

Ghana National Museum
The first is a mask used by the Gelede cult dedicated to paying homage to the spiritual power of elderly and ancestral women. I like that cult. Next to it is a Chi-Wara headdress depicting a half human half antelope that was thought to have taught the ancestors how to farm. The Chi-Wara dance always had a male representing the sun and a female the earth to ensure an abundant farming season. Below are traditional woodcarvings representing communal ideas, myth and proverbial sayings.

And I will leave you for now with some refreshing pictures from the rainforest at Kakum. We had fun walking 100 feet above the ground on swinging rope bridges. The trees and plant life were gorgeous.


My step son Jamiles called this tree the Tree of Souls from Avatar!
It did look magical.

Next time- photos and a thoughts on the Cape Coast Slave Castle. One of the most moving experiences I've had since arriving on Xmas day.


Mary said...

great photos, Barbara! amazing similarity to Sierra Leone, the streets of the cities in Ghana appear a bit cleaner.....and yes, religious slogans are EVERYWHERE!! Loved your sample - so typical and such fun. We should do a book with photos of all the different slogans in West Africa

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you Mary! I had the same thought about a series of photos of the biblical sayings. We could collaborate! Glad you enjoyed them. More to come.

Lanette said...

Love these pictures -- and your comments! Miss you but hope you're having an incredible time.

Unknown said...

Great pictures and your example of biblical sayings linked to a business name is just hilarious. It reminds me of Nepal where trivial things get a spiritual lift by being connected with Hindu/Buddhist gods and goddesses, such as the female Bodhisatva "Tara" and "Tara toilet paper" :)
Keep the picture and comments coming.

Clear Stream Media said...

Thank you Lanette and Monika! Nice to hear from two of my favorite peeps. We are having a terrific time- I was detained by the US Embassy yesterday for taking a photo of a sign that said "No photography allowed"! lol More on that later.

Clear Stream Media said...

oops signed in with my other blog.