Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holy Night

Pre-Eclipse- Moon with Large Halo    B Upton

It was spectacular watching our Solstice Lunar Eclipse! I bundled up and dragged a rocking chair outdoors to have a ringside seat. From time to time I would pop back in to stand by the wood stove and fortify myself with a little ginger brandy! Once when I went back out I was startled to see all the clouds had parted and there was the beautiful coppery red orange moon nestled in a sea of bright stars. Stunning! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do the sight justice with my little hand held digital camera, but it is forever seared in my memory.

Just Beginning!                                                              B Upton
Almost There!                                 B Upton
At one point as we neared totality there was a sudden howling from coyotes and perhaps a few dogs. Isn't that amazing? They were connecting to what was happening! 

I thought of the fact that this could be seen by 1.5 billion people! How wonderful to think of 100's of millions staring in wonder simultaneously. I kept getting chills up my spine, but it wasn't from the cold. 

We can draw on the power of this cosmological event to help us make changes in our own lives. May we more easily release old doubts and fears and strengthen our resolve to live from our hearts with purpose and joy! New beginnings, new hope, a return to the Light...

The Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse 2010                   B Upton

A neat time lapsed video of the eclipse!
Happy Solstice!


Badass Nature Girl said...

What beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them, especially since it was cloudy and snowing here and no moon was to be seen!

Barbara Upton said...

We were lucky. Friends just a few miles away saw nothing too. Happy to share and thanks for following!

Monika Kretschmar said...

I hadn't planned on seeing it, trusting that you would and that you would bring some of the magic into your post. And so you did. Thank you!:)