Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty in Red

Trinity of Self: The Mother                                                                                                         B Upton
Red Rose Nebula                                                                                 NASA
Rose                                                                                                                                    B Upton
Pomegranates                                                                                   B Upton 

            Red Trees with Pink Building                                                           B Upton                
Hibiscus with Bee                                                                                B Upton
"Magical Feminine I" Detail                                                                     B Upton

Red Spot on Jupiter                                                                              B Upton

Red- the color of passion, excitement, enthusiasm, beauty and love. Wishing you all these things in copious quantities today!

It is also the color of our root chakra at the base of our spine that gives a sense of ground-edness and belonging in this world.

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Badass Nature Girl said...


Barbara Upton said...

Thank you!!

Unknown said...

That's quite a sumptuous firework of color! It's amazing how much the complementary color "green" enhances the images. Beautiful!

Barbara Upton said...

Thanks M. You are so right about the complementary green. The Yin and the Yang!