Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sacred Earth Series Part 1- in Honor of the Solstice

Hope you enjoy this little video I just did! The Mountain Laurel was so beautiful this year and I loved its contrast to the dark forest. I was able to capture a few visiting creatures too. Future series will feature the owls (hopefully)!

I want to thank the wonderful musicians Joakim Lartey and Thomas Workman. Their piece is called "Solstice 1111" They will be playing as Bakana! in Woodstock with Chris Lane (electric and acoustic guitars, cigar box guitar, ngoni, looping, and more!) Check them out on Saturday, July 8 at 8PM, at the Vivo Gallery, 105A Mill Hill Rd and be prepared to be transported to other realms!

Happy Solstice! May the bright, radiant light of the Solstice fill you with warmth and vitality!


Unknown said...

Lovely to take a walk in your enchanted garden! The music also works very well with the natural sounds of birds, wind, and water.

Barbara Upton said...

Thanks M! I too loved how the flute and mbira music was a complement to nature's music. Now I'm obsessed with the unusual behavior of the shiners in the pond- A glimpse into another world- coming soon!