Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beauty in Blue

Dear Friends, I don't know why, but this post magically disappeared from the blog. It has gotten thousands of hits- I'm not sure where folks are coming from- but thought I should repost!

Holy Blue Flowers                                                                                    B Upton

Crescent Earth                                                                                            NASA
"November Volunteers"                                                                    B Upton
"Ice"                                                                                                            B Upton
"Three Baby Owls at Night"                                                                       B Upton
Earth from Space                                                                                  NASA
"Blue Angel"                                                                                            B Upton
"The Catskills"                                                                                       B Upton

Butterfly Tree                            Photographer Unknown

May we open to the holiness of life all around us and within us!


Anonymous said...

This photo is available to buy as a print via

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you Kelvin- You must be referring to the Butterfly Tree. Are you the photographer?? or do you know who is? Such a magical image.