Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Inchworm and the Blue Flower


Had fun watching and photographing this little guy- not sure exactly what he is- but he moves like an inchworm. If anyone knows more about him let me know!

Coupled with the bright blue of the balloon flower, they made quite a pair.  I love his arrow-like, black markings and his seemingly infinite number of ways to move about; hanging upside down one minute- standing at attention the next! He also moves well to the beat of African percussion. Thanks to Joakim Lartey,, for the great music!


Unknown said...

Fascinating! The slowly and rather random looking movement of the inchworm on a beautiful flower seems like a metaphor for us humans: moving back and forth here and there and most of the time being unaware of the beauty beneath our feet.

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you Monika for that astute observation. Yes, we can be quite frenetic in our running around. I'm sure we sometimes look just as comical as this little guy!