Thursday, December 8, 2011

The LOVE Revolution!

 My 25 Year Old Christmas Cactus- a gift from Nan who was a gift to this world and is now making angels laugh      B Upton                                   
If you are really paying attention you know we are in the beginning phases of a revolution- but true to our unprecedented times- it is a revolution like no other before it.

It is a revolution of the heart.

Across the globe, people are wiping the sleep from their eyes, taking deep breaths and starting to once again connect to the earth, one another and their deepest selves. We are connecting to the true and unwavering goodness that resides within us. We are also seeing that inherent goodness in every other person. We are awaking to our divine oneness! We are seeing the world with new eyes- eyes of love and reverence for our small, blue miracle of a planet and we are more passionately assuming our rightful roles as earth's protectors.

We are rapidly evolving from creatures of fear- who distrust, believe in scarcity and who are quick to violence, to people who create their lives from love- who radiate compassion, vitality, creativity and joy. It begins with making peace with yourself- honoring and loving every aspect of who you are, forgiving those who hurt you and forgiving yourself (although on a spiritual level- there is nothing to forgive).

When we open our hearts to ourselves, we are able to open them to our brothers and sisters across the globe. We no longer project our rejected and hated parts onto to others and instead recognize our shared humanity. We reconnect to our responsibility to make this world a better place for all.

What flows from making peace with ourselves is that we also make peace with time. We are able to experience the eternal now- the peace of being in the present moment, without struggle or worries. I'll be writing more about this in future posts.

The LOVE Revolution is birthing a new human- one connected, at peace, intuitive, compassionate, passionate about justice and unafraid. It is a challenging time, but also an exciting time to be alive... filled with the promise of a more just, sane, loving and sustainable world!

Occupy the Planet!


Badass Nature Girl said...

That was so lovely, and so needed to hear right now. As this year has progressed on, I have become weaker and more drained. Hoping to be well by now from my surgeries, and not, hoping to find friends who will be near, and haven't, hoping to be able to have some offer to help me when I've asked, and they didn't. I keep feeling a surging/swirling sensation in my center. Some thing coming to the surface, some thing wanting to happen. There are some connections I need/want with others, and it just isn't happening. I have to learn to be patient, to find the beauty in each day in the meantime, and to remember that even gray/dullness is a color.

Barbara Upton said...

Dear Heather it is so nice to hear from you, but so very sorry to hear how hard this year has been for you. May you find new strength, vitality, health and all the connection you need and deserve in the coming year. Everything in its perfect time does indeed require patience and perseverance. May bright new colors visit when you least expect it! Love and Blessings to you.