Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Robins Outside My Window!

What a joy it was to return from AZ to find a robin family had set up camp right outside my window! The intimate perspective was really quite thrilling! The babies- adorable like all babies are- and the parents- tirelessly working, feeding, cleaning, warming and loving the little ones. They also had a graceful choreography that was beautiful to watch. They worked as one.

For best viewing click the icon on the lower right to watch full screen. I hope you'll enjoy and share with others!

Happy Solstice!


Thomas Workman said...

So beautiful! Thank you for allowing Bakana! to accompany these fledglings. The music works as if made for it. I am sharing it a lot.

Barbara Upton said...

It is I who have to thank you, Joakim and Chris!! I am so lucky to be able to use the amazing music you three create! I thank you and appreciate your sharing it!