Friday, May 20, 2011

Beauty Heals!

Feather of a Male Indian Peafowl                                 Michael Maggs
Indigo Lactarius                                                                                   Dan Molter
African Grey Parrot Peeking Out From Under Its Wing                                      Avenue

Great Egret Nest with Three Chicks     Mike Baird
Henbit Deadnettle               Masaki Ikeda

Physalis                                                               Rudiger Krutz
The Antelope Canyon in Arizona                  Lucas Loffler
Swan with Nine Cygnets                                                 S Sepp

Lilium martagon                                                                                Bohringer Friedrich

Most of the photos and artwork on this blog are my own, but it is always wonderful to be able to share what I think are some of the most beautiful photos on the internet, through Wikimedia Commons! Thank you to all the great photographers who choose to share in this generous way!

Nature beckons to us continually... come closer and see the intricate, exquisite artistry of life all around us! It invites us to slow down, breathe deeper, and to feel our oneness with our beautiful, sacred earth and all life! We can breathe in the brilliant shimmering color, explore the exquisite patterns, get lost in magical light and be charmed by the graceful lines of the natural world. We can let beauty have her way with us! Greater contentment, inner peace, connection to the earth and to your true, eternal self, are the gifts she gives in return.

When you really allow beauty in, you also are recognizing the ephemeral nature of life and the preciousness of every living thing, every moment. Gratefulness will naturally well up in your heart and that is a good thing. 

The other night I heard a new bird singing, with a lovely trill at the end. I was listening with joy when I suddenly burst into tears. I didn't expect that! But the bird's song was just so perfect, yet so vulnerable. It made me want to protect the earth and all its life even more. I also felt blessed by the beauty all around me and sent out a prayer that more will be able to deeply connect to the beauty of our earth and find the healing that is waiting for them there.

Connect to mother earth 
to breathe more deeply
Breathe more deeply
to connect with beauty
Connect to beauty
to open to gratitude
Open to gratitude
to focus on what is working
Focus on what is working
to draw more if it to you
Draw more of it to you
to follow your heart 
Follow your heart
to live your soul's purpose
Live you soul's purpose
to be you.


Shirley Warren said...

Beautiful photos, Barb.
And a sweet reverie.
I've had one of those "burst into tears" moments... I know how you feel.

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you Shirley! Your comment reads like a poem.

Unknown said...

Exquisite images and wonderful thoughts. I think most people can open to nature's beauty for at least a moment, the work starts to not close up again and keep the heart open. I know you can, which makes you so beautiful yourself.