Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Waking Planet and the Double Rainbow

Crescent Earth                                                                                           NASA
" A revolution of love is sweeping the planet. Fear has material resources, but love has cosmic support. Ultimately, love will prevail because only love is real."   Marriane Williamson.

What an exciting time to be alive. We are on the cusp of a great awakening- a spiritual renaissance that will forever change the way we view one another, our earth and most importantly ourselves. We are remembering that there is divinity in all life- in every person, in every living thing and in our own hearts. When we embrace our inner sacredness, the holiness of all creation lights up around us. Then we joyfully can claim more of our ability and responsibility to protect the earth and to work for a more just, sane and compassionate world! 

The Double Rainbow in the Waking Planet Image                      B Upton
I designed the Waking Planet World Flag to represent the new world we are in the process of creating. I found that sometimes as I softly gazed on the flag that the center circle, representing the earth, would divide into two and overlap forming an almond or vulva shape in the middle. I called it the Double Rainbow and saw it as an auspicious sign symbolizing the portal to peace we are now walking through. Also, because it is something that happens through our own mind and observation, to me it represented the power we have within to change perspective, to create and to transform.

I later learned that I had created a Vesica Piscis, the most powerful symbol of sacred geometry, representing the union of the Divine with the world of matter, the blending of heaven and earth- a source of great power and energy for thousands of years!

Waking Planet Flag                                                        B Upton

Waking Planet Mini Meditation
You might try gazing at the Waking Planet image above- don't try to see the Double Rainbow- just relax, breath deeply and on every exhale, let go of tensions in your body and breathe out any worries. Breathe in the colors and let them energize you. Breathe in the harmony of a world which respects the inherent dignity of all people. Breathe in the beauty of an earth that is protected and revered once again. Breathe in the balance between the sun and the moon, your masculine and feminine sides. Breathe in the unconditional love that is being birthed on our planet now. And maybe when you least expect it, there it will be- the Double Rainbow, the vesica piscis, the womb of the new earth we are creating. 

Let the image of Waking Planet put you back in touch with your own beauty, brilliance and inner harmony. The colored rainbow figures not only represent the people of the world coming together in mutual respect and caring, they also represent your chakras or energy centers that serve as a conduit for divine life force energy. Imagine your energy centers brightly colored,  spinning with health and vitality from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Imagine more light filled energy filling you and radiating from you. Whether you see the Double Rainbow or not is not important, but I hope this little exercise leaves you feeling more peaceful and renewed! I have found meditating on the Waking Planet image to be very centering and healing (I also dream more in color when I do)!

My flag, my art and me                                                   B Upton
We all chose to be here at this critical juncture in time and the world needs us to be in our power and light. Claim yours and let it shine!

A shower of loving blessings to you,

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