Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earth Shaking!

I was at my computer when I received a jolt and looked up to see rainbows dancing on the walls. The crystals hanging in the window were swinging back and forth and clicking against the glass. I heard the dining room table rattling. I jumped up and felt the movement under my feet. I wasn't sure what was going on and at one point thought my washing machine was really off balance! But then I knew- I had just experienced my first earthquake.

So the Eastern Seaboard of the US got a 5.8 quake that miraculously does not appear to have resulted in any serious injuries. Thanks be. One of the members of Waking Planet on Face Book who lives in the epicenter of the quake, said it felt more like a huge energy shift as more of us pull in more light during these transformational times!

No doubt about it, we are going through a Grand Awakening that will forever change how we relate to one another, the earth and to ourselves. We are remembering that we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but that we are spiritual beings having a human one; an old saying that expresses a profound truth! With that remembrance comes boldness, joy and a dedication to bringing more sanity and love to our planet. As we align ourselves with our souls, we are able to give the gift only each of us can and that the world so desperately needs. As I said in my response to her, "We become the guardians of the earth and agents of divine love we were meant to be."

The earth of course is also talking. She is protesting the removal of her mountain tops, the scraping of her ocean floors (bottom trawls and dredges) the polluting of her air, waters and land, the fracturing of her crust (fracking), the cutting of the protective ionosphere with high energy radio beams (HAARP), the oil spills, the forcing of DNA across species barriers (genetic modification), the landmines, the nuclear waste...

So I also think of the quake as a wake up call from Mother Earth! We have got to stop messing with her and learn to live in harmony with the earth and all life on it again. Now I know that is a tall order- but I do believe that when enough of us awaken, well then anything is possible. As I have said here before,

"As the old world disintegrates there is dislocation and confusion- but through the cracks a new light is shining! As millions awaken to their true and beautiful natures that light will only grow in brilliance and power. The solutions that will come from a connected humanity that is in alignment with the earth are almost beyond imagining!"

I also think that as more of us awaken on our own, the shift will be smoother for all of us.
Just a few entries down on Waking Planet someone had posted a video of Gregg Braden. He was talking about the touching story of geese and how closely attuned they are to one another as they fly. By going together in formation they are able to go 71% farther than by going alone! There is no one leader- they take turns and- this is the amazing part- if one of them is injured or sick and falls out of formation, two geese always go down with that bird. They stay with the injured one until the bird dies, or is able to fly again. Then the three fly off together, eventually reconnecting with their flock. Braden says we are essentially living as a flock moving toward a common goal. He asks for each of us to have compassion and forgiveness, so that no one is ever left behind, as we all move together toward the Shift of the Ages.

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