Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall St- Down There and Up Here!

A little different post for Waking Planet- but really this is an awakening whose time has come! As we remember our spiritual essence, we also connect to the strength and power of the people to demand a more just and compassionate world. We are the 99% and in America if you work hard and play by the rules you should be able to have the American Dream- a living wage job, decent housing, health care and the ability to send your children to college. Sign on to the American Dream Contract. Almost a third of a million have already!

For those who are local we are planning a "Occupy Wall Street, Kingston" rally for this Thursday, Oct 13, 12 to1PM, in front of Congressman Hinchey's office, 291 Wall St, Kingston, NY. Our message is to support #OWS, demand jobs, not cuts and that the richest among us pay their fair share! You can sign up here, or just come. Bring a sign, musical instruments if you have them and bring your passion for economic justice for the 99%!.


Unknown said...

You really captured the mood. It's very exciting and catching. May it turn into a wildfire of passionate voices. The shift is happening.

Barbara Upton said...

Thanks Monika! Ihe energy was so electric and it continues to spread- solidarity actions in 1,500 cities world wide yesterday.