Monday, October 31, 2011

October Snow Video

Luckily, the snow storm Saturday did not take down many trees in the Hudson Valley, but it was fun to watch and the next day the yellow and red leaves covered in snow and the falling leaves and dripping water made for some interesting scenes. Of course, all this freakish weather is another subject entirely!
I noticed the time on this video was 1:22:44. So that is how I knew it was done! Click on the 4 arrows icon on lower right to see full screen. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Barbara! The first I've seen of our region blanketed, since I'm still in NOLA. Will be home soon....Love,Ruth

Barbara Upton said...

It really was something (but I'm sure you weren't too disappointed to miss it)! Enjoy your time in New Orleans!

Unknown said...

Very neat! I especially love the bird song the day after - a sound of awakening - there is always another day after the storm :)

Barbara Upton said...

Yeah, I liked that little birdie too!