Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-11-11 Portal to the New Earth

On Friday, we will experience 11-11-11-11-11-11 (11seconds, 11 minutes after the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year) something that will not happen again for one hundred years! I have written before on the 11:11 phenomena in which millions (some say 75 million) are seeing 11:11 on digital clocks with almost supernatural regularity! I started seeing 11:11 about 15 years ago and have always viewed it as a reassuring sign that all is well. Some feel 11:11 is the trademark of a group of 1,111 fun-loving spirit guides- here to remind us that we are not alone, powerful beyond measure and on track in aligning with our highest, truest and most loving Selves.

Now I see 11:11 everywhere! For instance, I just noticed that the human butterfly crop circle above is a depiction of the evolving human standing between two (slightly wavy) 11's. Now I also see many 11:11's in the piece "Sacred Pond" I did below (which I was not aware of while creating it). Eleven is a spiritual Master number representing illumination, deep insight and great power - so yes, I think the 11-11-11 date at this critical juncture in time is of great significance!

I believe that on 11:11:11 there will be a light-filled infusion of loving energy sweeping around the world. By centering and raising your vibration through meditation, song, dance, or other ways- you will be able to help ground this divine and blissful energy into your being and into the body of the earth. You will also be able to experience a sacred doorway that opens into higher dimensional reality- to a place where you remember that you are pure love and eternally safe.

Some of us are called to join in groups (in the Hudson Valley- the Dreaming Goddess, in Pok at 11AM, Sonic Alchemy Chamber at 7:30PM at Mountain Waldorf School) to usher in these energies. Some may just feel a strong pull to be in nature alone, or with one or two close friends. Listen to your heart. The physical way you honor this sacred day is not as important as the intention you bring to it. I believe this will be a day of amplified energy- whatever intention you have will be strengthened and come into manifestation more quickly. So it is important to hold the highest vision for yourself and for the world and you will automatically be linked to all who are doing the same.

Meditation for 11-11-11 beginning at 11AM  in your timezone- 
so the energy raised can sweep across the planet!

Take long, deep breaths- letting go of thoughts, worries and cares on every exhale. Inhale peace. Let go of any tension in your body each time you breathe out. Just let it go. If your inner-critic, or inner-cynic starts yakking- simply observe it as "thinking" and go back to your breath. Breathe in peace, relaxation and love. Exhale anger, anxiety and doubt. Inhale freedom. Exhale fear. As you feel more relaxed, allow feelings of deep contentment and calm to flow over you and through you.

Now extend your "roots" down into Mother Earth and draw her nourishing, healing energy into your body bringing harmony and perfect functioning to every cell. As you fill with vital, life-giving (female) earth energy also reach up to the heavens, allowing "branches" to grow from your head and reaching up past the moon and the stars. Inhale and  connect with the luminous and loving (male) sky energy. Feel these beautiful energies meet and merge in your heart and bask in the light that is created when you connect to these vast and infinitely loving energies (you are simply connecting to your greater Self).

Hold a vision for the highest and most loving future you can imagine. See all people living in peace, happy, fed, clothed and housed, with good health care, quality education, decent work, freedom, love and dignity. See the earth restored, with a booming green energy economy, safe, natural and nutritious foods, clean waters, rich topsoil, fresh air and with all people having deep respect for the planet and all the life it supports. See yourself at peace. Acknowledge that you are indeed "good enough", and that you utterly belong and are needed on this planet at this time. Vow to bring more of this peace into your everyday life.

Feel your connection to all the other humans on earth who are joining with you on this sacred day to begin the birth of a new, more sane and compassionate humanity Each of you is a point of pure Loving Light- see the points connect creating a dazzling grid of beautiful light all over the planet. Know that this light represents our Waking Planet and that you are an irreplaceable part of it all.

Slowly, begin to be aware of sounds and sights in the place you are in. Come back feeling more whole, harmonious and content. Bring more awareness to your ability to reach this state whenever you choose. Know that on a heart level you are now connected to an ever growing body of souls dedicated to the Great Shift of the Ages that is now upon us. May we all provide each other strength, love, perseverance and joy in these transformational times. May we all be at peace.

You Are Love. You Are Loved.

Love, Barbara

PS This is  the Double Rainbow of the Waking Planet image that came to me after 9/11. It too represents the portal to peace we are about to walk through. 

SEE YOU (BE WITH YOU) 11AM on 11:11:11!

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