Friday, July 23, 2010

Waking Planet Greeting Cards Are Here!

Pleased to report that 8 images from owls and artwork to the Waking Planet Flag are now available as 5x7 greeting cards. PDQ in New Paltz, NY did a wonderful job bringing out the rich vivid colors and they are printed on a lovely, satin-finish, quality card stock. Each comes blank for your greeting* and with a matching envelope. Check them out!

Each card also has a small picture on the back (often a detail from the front image) and a little story or description. Here is the back of the Waking Planet Flag greeting card.

*I love writing affirmations- positive statements that reflect a deeper truth about us that we may have forgotten. I often print them out on slips of paper- rolling them like little roses and passing them out at workshops and gatherings. I uncannily often seem to bring just the right number and I always feel that a person receives the message made for them. (I cannot tell you how many times people have confirmed this- sometimes with a shriek of surprise!) So I will be posting a few here from time to time. If they resonate, feel free to add them as messages in your cards!


Unknown said...

By the way, I never knew that the red spot on Jupiter can be so sensuous :)

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you! I was surprised by all the sensuous imagery that appeared in this painting. I thought I was just depicting a planet- but it was working on me at deeper levels!
Ah, the sensuous universe!