Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beauty in Blue

Dear Friends, I don't know why, but this post magically disappeared from the blog. It has gotten thousands of hits- I'm not sure where folks are coming from- but thought I should repost!

Holy Blue Flowers                                                                                    B Upton

Crescent Earth                                                                                            NASA
"November Volunteers"                                                                    B Upton
"Ice"                                                                                                            B Upton
"Three Baby Owls at Night"                                                                       B Upton
Earth from Space                                                                                  NASA
"Blue Angel"                                                                                            B Upton
"The Catskills"                                                                                       B Upton

Butterfly Tree                            Photographer Unknown

May we open to the holiness of life all around us and within us!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sacred Earth Series Part 1- in Honor of the Solstice

Hope you enjoy this little video I just did! The Mountain Laurel was so beautiful this year and I loved its contrast to the dark forest. I was able to capture a few visiting creatures too. Future series will feature the owls (hopefully)!

I want to thank the wonderful musicians Joakim Lartey and Thomas Workman. Their piece is called "Solstice 1111" They will be playing as Bakana! in Woodstock with Chris Lane (electric and acoustic guitars, cigar box guitar, ngoni, looping, and more!) Check them out on Saturday, July 8 at 8PM, at the Vivo Gallery, 105A Mill Hill Rd and be prepared to be transported to other realms!

Happy Solstice! May the bright, radiant light of the Solstice fill you with warmth and vitality!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Returning to the Mountain

It was wonderful coming home a few days ago to find the Mountain Laurel in full bloom. I was returning from the Southwest, so the lush verdant life of New York in early June was particularly soothing! The cool, moist mountain air also felt like a healing balm. I spent most of the first day back just being in the woods. My batteries needed recharging!

So I apologize for being absent from this blog for awhile (I was happily caring for my three wonderful grand- children). I am back and excited to see where these musings on beauty, the universe, inner peace, unity consciousness and transformation go! I hope they brighten your day and help strengthen your connection to our sacred earth, all life and your deepest self. I hope they, like my Waking Planet flag, remind you of the peace available within you and in our world. May you find inspiration here for believing in yourself, opening your heart and making the contribution that only you can make to create a more loving and just future!

I was also thrilled that a lovely blue heron was part of my first day welcoming committee.

"The intelligence of the universe's design is equally matched by the depth of love that inspired it."
Christopher Bache

Peace to you!