Monday, October 31, 2011

October Snow Video

Luckily, the snow storm Saturday did not take down many trees in the Hudson Valley, but it was fun to watch and the next day the yellow and red leaves covered in snow and the falling leaves and dripping water made for some interesting scenes. Of course, all this freakish weather is another subject entirely!
I noticed the time on this video was 1:22:44. So that is how I knew it was done! Click on the 4 arrows icon on lower right to see full screen. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Merging of the Worlds

 My dear friends, I am sorry to have been somewhat absent of late. I have been spending more time on Clear Stream Media- chronicling the amazing revolution of love that is happening across our land and around the world. I call it that because I see the values occupiers everywhere share- nonviolence, compassion for one another, true equality, justice and an overriding optimism that we can create a new world! These values spring from an underlying sense that every human has inherent dignity and inalienable rights and I think for many, it is based on a remembrance of the spiritual essence and oneness of all life. It is the perfect energy to usher in our new, awakened world and I have tremendous respect and gratitude for all participating in this bold and creative stand for a new way of being in the world.

 For years I have felt like I lead a double existence- posting the positive and joyful on Waking Planet, and the cold reality, challenges ahead and what is working (because I am an optimist by nature) on Clear Stream Media. I felt Waking Planet should be an oasis- a place where you can come to be renewed by beauty, spirit and soul sharing. I still feel that way- so although I may link to a video or short article on Clear Stream, this blog will remain true to the highest vision we can hold together. But Clear Stream will have a new feel- I will be sharing more from the spiritual perspective, along with facts and suggested actions. It's full heading is now "Clear Stream Media, News from Our Waking Planet!"

 I invite others to share their information, stories and insights on both blogs. We are all in this together- let's reach out and support each other.

When we are attuned to our highest, deepest and truest selves we see that all is exactly in right order, on time and on purpose. I believe that we have all chosen to be here at this thrilling time of individual and planetary awakening and each of us has a vital and unique role to hasten the evolutionary leap in consciousness that is occurring. More and more we are identifying with the strength, purity and love that exists at our core. This blissful remembrance of who we are- one with all of divine creation helps us to see fear as the illusion it is. As we focus on the only thing that is real, fear transforms and we are able to heal our selves and our world!

A Merging of the Worlds also of course represents the union of heaven and earth, physical and spiritual, mind and heart, male and female, reason and intuition - that is happening now. We are creating a new world together- one that is just, peaceful, sane, sustainable and filled with love.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall St- Down There and Up Here!

A little different post for Waking Planet- but really this is an awakening whose time has come! As we remember our spiritual essence, we also connect to the strength and power of the people to demand a more just and compassionate world. We are the 99% and in America if you work hard and play by the rules you should be able to have the American Dream- a living wage job, decent housing, health care and the ability to send your children to college. Sign on to the American Dream Contract. Almost a third of a million have already!

For those who are local we are planning a "Occupy Wall Street, Kingston" rally for this Thursday, Oct 13, 12 to1PM, in front of Congressman Hinchey's office, 291 Wall St, Kingston, NY. Our message is to support #OWS, demand jobs, not cuts and that the richest among us pay their fair share! You can sign up here, or just come. Bring a sign, musical instruments if you have them and bring your passion for economic justice for the 99%!.