Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Shift Happens!"

In this case having "shift happen" is good news. I am talking about the evolutionary shift we are now undergoing- the collective awakening to a new way of seeing and being in this world. I believe we are moving from a fear-based world of aggression, greed and destruction to one founded on love that values cooperation, respect and compassion. For the sake of future generations it is not coming a moment to soon!

As the old world disintegrates there is dislocation and confusion- but through the cracks a new light is shining!  As millions awaken to their true and beautiful natures that light will only grow in brilliance and power. The solutions that will come from a connected humanity that is in alignment with the earth are almost beyond imagining!

On this blog I will be sharing tools for our awakening- what has helped me and others to access that core of deep inner peace that is the first step in creating a saner, more peaceful and light-filled world!

You are here for a reason. The world need the gifts that only you can give. Share what has helped you to remember your sacredness and oneness with all and come back often to learn about new inner technologies that can help ground you in the vaster and eternally safe reality of who you really are!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Waking Planet Greeting Cards Are Here!

Pleased to report that 8 images from owls and artwork to the Waking Planet Flag are now available as 5x7 greeting cards. PDQ in New Paltz, NY did a wonderful job bringing out the rich vivid colors and they are printed on a lovely, satin-finish, quality card stock. Each comes blank for your greeting* and with a matching envelope. Check them out!

Each card also has a small picture on the back (often a detail from the front image) and a little story or description. Here is the back of the Waking Planet Flag greeting card.

*I love writing affirmations- positive statements that reflect a deeper truth about us that we may have forgotten. I often print them out on slips of paper- rolling them like little roses and passing them out at workshops and gatherings. I uncannily often seem to bring just the right number and I always feel that a person receives the message made for them. (I cannot tell you how many times people have confirmed this- sometimes with a shriek of surprise!) So I will be posting a few here from time to time. If they resonate, feel free to add them as messages in your cards!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Owl Babies!

Ahhh, the  baby owls- they have to be among the cutest of all baby anythings. They are visiting often and as you can see they don't seem intimidated by people at all- quite the contrary they seem to even seek us out.

I love the fact that barred owls mate for life and care for their young for four months- much longer than other owls. They lay almost perfectly round white eggs in April that hatch in about four weeks. When the babies are too big for the nest but not yet ready to fly they do their version of crawling using their beaks and talons and sit on branches for 4 or 5 weeks before they fledge. At that stage they are called appropriately enough "branchers".  If they do fall they can even "crawl" back up the tree!

As a friend said the majesty of the owl reminds us of the magnificence of our natural world and the role we all have to help protect the earth and all life. Yes, yes!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 11:11 Phenomenon

About 15 years ago I started seeing 11:11 on digital clocks all the time. One day I mentioned it to a group of six friends and three of them looked shocked and reported they were seeing the same thing. Since then I have learned that this is something happening to millions of people around the world! Today there are scores of books, articles and videos on the 11:11 phenomenon.

So what does it all mean? It is pretty mysterious for sure. Many feel it is a powerful confirmation we are on the right track to aligning with our highest truth. Some think the numbers represent a wake-up call- that it is a message from our angels/ higher selves, that we are ready to create a new and more loving reality here on earth. Others see the 11:11 representing the twin strands of human DNA moving into higher frequencies of consciousness.

The fact that so many around the world are experiencing this phenomenon points to a larger spiritual reality and is comforting to me. For me the message is "You are not alone. You are here to live your Divine purpose and to share the light and love of your deepest Self". Maybe it is time that all who have had this experience begin to communicate more with one another!

The Mayan calendar stops on Dec 21, 2012 at 11:11AM. I have always felt that the ancient and wise Mayan people were telling us - this will be when the  new world- founded on love rather than fear will come into being. These digital prompts seem to be preparing us for the new reality we are ushering in together.

Lately, I am also seeing 11:44 all over the place and am wondering if others are too. On the clock above- you can note it was 22 outside and 58.9 inside- which adds to 22 and it was taken on 1/11.

I know all this defies logic and I can understand a skeptical response. But when it happens to you and the level of synchronicity also surges at the same time in your life you have to pay attention. There is much more to who we are than our personalities, egos and bodies. We are part of a greater whole, vast, timeless and loving beyond our imaginations.

May the  memory of your true sweet and eternal Self  wash over you next you see 11:11!