Friday, October 17, 2014

"God's Wife" and Other Truths Revealed in Art Show, "Truth Out"

God's Wife

"God's Wife"                                                                                  Acrylic by Barbara Upton

On Saturday, October 18 from 4 to 7 PM there will be an art show double header at the Unframed Artists Gallery, 173 Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY. In the Big Room Gallery, there will be a special, end of show party for the provocative art exhibit, "Truth Out". Artists have explored and exposed what has been hidden, ranging from the personal; with subjects such as domestic violence and over-prescription use, to the political; exposing fracking, nuclear dangers, wars and assassinations. It really is a must see show. 

It is also the opening of a new show "Exuberance" in the Main Gallery. Unframed Artists Gallery on Facebook said this about "Exuberance" 

"To soften the night, walk the twinkling path to the Main Gallery and enjoy the lush colors and dynamic compositions in 

fabric, paint on canvas, drawings, sculpture and and glazed ceramics as 24 artists of the Hudson Valley share feelings of 

excitement, awe and joy. Light refreshments will be served. 

For "Truth Out" I chose to depict a woman who is usually cropped out of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam"on the Sistine Chapel. Most of us are familiar with this:

and this:

But did you ever notice God’s left arm is wrapped around a bare-breasted, young beauty?

Scholars think she may be representing the Shekinah, also known as Sophia, God’s beloved from the Kabbalah which Michelangelo would have been exposed to at the Platonic Academy. The Gnostic gospels discovered in 1946, show that the triad of these early Christians was The Father, The Mother and The Son. In Aramaic, the language of Jesus, the word for God was Abwoon, which translates as Father/Mother God. So the idea that God had a wife and she was also divine was a given in those times.

But it didn’t take the church fathers (not a mother among them) long to erase any mention of the sacred feminine from church doctrine. Instead, women and female sexuality have been demonized for the past 5,000 years! We are now paying the price for this severe imbalance that alienates humans from the earth, each other and from their deepest selves.

To me, this woman represents the rebirth of the Divine Feminine – the healing balm our world so desperately needs at this time.

She has been hidden for thousands of years, but now is her time and women and men who choose compassion over competition, peace over war and love over fear are the vehicles for her expression.

When the masculine and feminine are in equal balance, a new era will commence - a world that works for everyone!

Intriguing "Truth Out" Art Show

"Issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, war, hegemony 

and environmental degradation are at once revealed, yet addressed 

with concise sensitivity." New Paltz Times 9/18

Unfortunately, my caption function is not working today. The artists from top to bottom, after the group shot, are: Jean Tansey, Catherine Randall (curator) Laura Bolles, Ila Ahulja (2),  Mernie Baker, Laura Lanchanten, Linda Mockler, Paul Sandiford, Ruth Pine, Michele Riddell, and Holly K Jackson. I am sorry to say I don't know who did "Criminalize Fracking" - but could it be Michele Riddell?  Many other intriguing works are not shown here. Thank you to ALL the exhibitors who made this show so successful and memorable.

See you there Saturday, Oct 18 from 4 to 7 PM! Don't forget, it is also the opening of the show "Exuberance" in the Main Gallery.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Clear Stream Media: Justice for Michael Brown, Justice for All

Clear Stream Media: Justice for Michael Brown, Justice for All: New York City Thursday Night                                                         anonymous@youranonlive- Thou...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Back to My First Love

                                                                                                                                                                             Photo: B Upton
So after over a year, I'm happy to be posting on this blog again. I realize I have been out of balance this past year, devoting much of my time to activism - joining the millions rising up around the world to protect the earth and to co-create a world that works for everyone. But that means much of my energy has been against. I would much rather devote my time to sharing positive visions of the new world we are creating! 

But when threats are imminent to such things as our air, water, food and democracy, I think one has to face those challenges squarely, share information and participate in nonviolent, group action to right current wrongs. There is plenty to work on, including opposing:
New Yorkers against Fracking            photo: Jodiah Jacobs

Waking Planet was my first blog - where I wanted to share the good news of our awakening world. It is the one closest to my heart. So although I will provide links to Clear Stream Media and Hudson Valley for No GMOs, I will simply share words and images here that I hope remind you of the sacredness and unity of all life; including the love you are at your core! 

The first image I am sharing after this long hiatus, is of a flower I photographed that revealed a little earth angel (no photoshop needed) who had a message to share! I hope it doesn't sound too contradictory to talk about facing problems, yet worry less, but I think once we do accept reality as it is and do our best to right wrongs, then we can let go and remember to enjoy the moment. We can replace thoughts of constant worry with love and appreciation for what we have.

I dedicate this image to my dear, dear friend Monika- who is a shining star of inspiration to me and to many others. She shares her compassion, wit and wisdom in this video I did of an art auction we recently held for her.

So let's accept Monika's invitation to "be at ease as much as possible each day and to enjoy life". I hope Waking Planet contributes to your peace and enjoyment.