Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mini Meditations, Part One - The Silk Cotton Tree

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African Silk Cotton Tree (See the woman on the left?! This tree is a giant!)           B Upton
This is the beginning of a series of short meditations inspired by  the photos above! Benefits will be enhanced by doing it outside, but you can do indoors too. This will help you connect to the earth, your breath and spirit. In it you will become like the tree and you will feel more centered, peaceful and strong.

Part One - The Silk Cotton Tree (Earth)
Take some nice deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax more and more with every breath you take. Each time you exhale let all of your cares and worries go, just breathe them out...let them go. For the next few minutes you can choose to be worry-free. You deserve this!

Our Home                                                                        NASA
Bring your awareness to the earth. Feel her vast and powerful energy. Note her exquisite beauty. Our earth is a fragile, spinning jewel; the most beautiful of our solar system and perhaps the most beautiful beyond that! Although she is facing challenges, the earth also still holds amazing energy that has the power to heal, restore and make whole. 

It is available to you now. All you have to do is use your imagination to connect to this loving source. It is easy, because you are just coming into alignment with your natural state of oneness with the earth and all life on it. 

So begin by imagining roots extending from your feet and from the base of your spine- sinking deep down into the rich loamy soil of mother earth. As your roots go deeper and deeper, your connection to the earth grows stronger. You begin to feel a sense of deep belonging and safety which helps you relax more completely.

When you feel very peaceful and relaxed, begin drawing up the nurturing, vibrant and healing energy of mother earth every time you inhale. You might imagine this as a beautiful golden light. Let this light bring strength and health to your every cell. When you feel full of this strong earth energy - this golden light - imagine branches sprouting from your head and extending up into the sky. See them growing as high as other trees, to the moon, past planets, intertwining through the sublime beauty of our galaxy, our universe, our home. Feel your leaves gently swaying in the celestial winds.

As you inhale allow the loving energy of the heavens to flow unobstructed down into you. Imagine it filling every part of you with brilliant, joyful, white light. It awakens the divinity within and brings you the peace "that passes all understanding."

Now once again draw up the life force energy of the earth and the life blessing energy of the heavens. Imagine these energies merging in your heart - earth's golden light blending with the white light of spirit.

It feels like a homecoming- you are aware of your balance, grace and strength. Like the tree, you have become an intermediary between the physical and spiritual worlds. You are meant to be a conduit for these vast, healing energies. When you invite them in, you are energized and made whole. From this place you begin to remember your infinite and divine capacity for love and compassion. 

And like the Silk Cotton Tree, you can stand strong, still and steadfast as change happens all around you. Give thanks to the earth below you and the heavens above you. Give thanks for this precious life.

Return to you day feeling more relaxed, centered and at peace.
Peaceful and Loving Blessings on Your Path!

Coming Next! Mini Meditation, Part Two- The Water Lily


Renee said...

Wow Barb! The tree is truly awe-inspiring.

Barbara Upton said...

Yes it is! It's in the Aburi Botanical Garden in Ghana. There were a few of them. I was in heaven.