Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ghanaian Portraits

Joakim Lartey- Best Life Partner!
At the marketplace in Kasoa

The matriarch, Emily Lartey with adopted son Evans and his fiancee Patience

Near Shai Hills- When the kids saw me they took my picture so it was easy to ask if I could take theirs.

Jamiles, Joakim's brother-in-law Tony and his daughter Naana

Jamiles, his Grandma Emily and Joakim
Joakim's sister Naadu with Jamiles
Kids in Accra

En route from Kasoa to Accra- This was the reaction after I waved

Joakim's niece, Naana- as someone called her "The Future President of Ghana"

 The Patriarch, "Over to You!" Joe Lartey- respected and beloved by Ghanaians everywhere!


Unknown said...

What an impressive collection of beautiful faces. Joakim's dad has such a regal appearance. I love the little niece with the large sunglasses, what a confident, lovely smile she has, the confidence of an old soul. All of these are wonderful! Thank you for the glimpse at our Ghanaen members of the human world family.

Badass Nature Girl said...

What joyful pictures! Each face was so pure, such genuine smiles and the gentlest eyes! Such peace within and without them all. Thank you for sharing and please, give someone there a hug from me. A Universe Sister from Indiana :o)

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you for those lovely comments Monika and Heather! Naana had grabbed my sunglasses and put them on- upside down! But yes, her confidence shows. Pure, genuine and gentle a good way to describe folks in that part of the world.