Monday, May 7, 2012

The Goddess Altar

How do you like my little Goddess Altar? It came about after the yard had to be excavated and I ended up with many, many stones. I thought I'd put them to use by making this bird bath a focal point. Must say- I never really noticed this old tree stump much before!

Once again I had a visitor. Last time, it was a contented looking robin and this time a teeny tiny frog (not much bigger than the tip of my thumb) stopped by. He was so perfectly camouflaged that for a time I thought maybe I was wasting my time photographing a leaf- but then "the leaf" hopped!

Do you see the silhouette of a woman? The Goddess herself showed up!

To me, goddess energy represents all that is true and beautiful and loving in our world. An altar is a place where we reconnect with the divine and for me that happens best in nature! 

Interestingly, I was placing stones to blend with the roots and contour of the land when I suddenly noticed I had (almost) spelled out a word. All it needed were a couple of more stones to define it and there it was- the word- "Shalom"- the Hebrew word for peace! You can see the first part of it in the first photo above. 

May you connect to your inner goddess today (and men this is for you too!) She is that part of you that is intuitive, loveable, loving, bold, fearless, authentic, beautiful, compassionate and sacred.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom


Unknown said...

What a cool altar. It makes me want to be a little imp to explore it close to the ground. I love the fact that the frog appeared, it's like the seal of acceptance from mother nature. And the appearance of the goddess silhouette makes it an inner voice altar. You should share this on the Inner Voice Village site. Beautiful job!

O. Ja said...

What a lovely idea, and how it all fitted perfectly. What a blessed place! Wish I had a garden to do the same! This is really a manifestation of inspiration and connectedness <3

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you both for those lovely comments!It was such fun to do,so that is always a good sign that you are on the right track!