Monday, July 7, 2014

Back to My First Love

                                                                                                                                                                             Photo: B Upton
So after over a year, I'm happy to be posting on this blog again. I realize I have been out of balance this past year, devoting much of my time to activism - joining the millions rising up around the world to protect the earth and to co-create a world that works for everyone. But that means much of my energy has been against. I would much rather devote my time to sharing positive visions of the new world we are creating! 

But when threats are imminent to such things as our air, water, food and democracy, I think one has to face those challenges squarely, share information and participate in nonviolent, group action to right current wrongs. There is plenty to work on, including opposing:
New Yorkers against Fracking            photo: Jodiah Jacobs

Waking Planet was my first blog - where I wanted to share the good news of our awakening world. It is the one closest to my heart. So although I will provide links to Clear Stream Media and Hudson Valley for No GMOs, I will simply share words and images here that I hope remind you of the sacredness and unity of all life; including the love you are at your core! 

The first image I am sharing after this long hiatus, is of a flower I photographed that revealed a little earth angel (no photoshop needed) who had a message to share! I hope it doesn't sound too contradictory to talk about facing problems, yet worry less, but I think once we do accept reality as it is and do our best to right wrongs, then we can let go and remember to enjoy the moment. We can replace thoughts of constant worry with love and appreciation for what we have.

I dedicate this image to my dear, dear friend Monika- who is a shining star of inspiration to me and to many others. She shares her compassion, wit and wisdom in this video I did of an art auction we recently held for her.

So let's accept Monika's invitation to "be at ease as much as possible each day and to enjoy life". I hope Waking Planet contributes to your peace and enjoyment.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Barbara, may we all experience more peace in the world, so that you can shine your light on its beauty - most of the time :)

Renee said...

Love the image and the sentiment, Barb!

Barbara Upton and Beth Dulay said...

Thank you Monika and Renee- 2 of my favorite people- who bring a whole lotta light into this world!