Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring Equinox!

Ah, Spring- our season of transformation, rebirth and hope. Today, marks the beginning of New Beginnings, as we experience a day of equal day and night- a perfect balance that happens two times a year as part of the ongoing and wondrous cycles of nature. Change is in the air!

When we are aligned with the balance and wholeness of our natural world, we come home to our true selves and are able to access the vast energies of love and light that are sweeping our planet. It all begins with grounding ourselves to Mother Earth- opening to her vital and healing energies as we remember our oneness with the planet and all life on it.

This is a perfect time to shine a light on all that keeps you from connecting to the earth, other people and your deepest self. Where are you out of balance? Are you all work and no play? Are you in your head more than your heart? Inside more than out? Are you living more in the past, or future, rather in the present? Are you captive to conditioned ways of being and thinking that no longer serve you?

Now is the time to raise your consciousness, live in balance, heal past wounds and transform them into compassion and wisdom. The forces of evolution and a loving cosmos are extending themselves to you. You have the choice, during this time of returning light, to return to the Light within- to your innocent and divine heart- to who you really are.

Above all, remember the power you have to choose to live from love rather than fear and to begin creating your life anew. You can light someone's day with a smile. You can create, heal, cherish and connect. You can fulfill your soul's purpose for being here during these amazing times of awakening.

Blessings of Light and Love to You. Keep Faith

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