Friday, December 21, 2012

Birth of the New Earth!

I started to write a post on Friday about 12/12/12, 12/21/12 and what these dates may signify in these times of transformation. Then I heard about the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and all focus went on those 26 angels; the 20 little ones and the six adults, the survivors and the families. The nation and indeed much of the world is united in sending healing, peace and love to them all.

Maybe now, through our tears, it might be a good time to talk about the new reality that is emerging that has the power to soothe our troubled hearts and give us the strength to move forward.

Something is happening on our planet that is unprecedented. Together we are wiping the sleep from our eyes and seeing ourselves, others and the earth with new eyes of reverence, awe and love. We are remembering the sacredness and unity of all life and are awakening to our power and responsibility to create a world that works for every one. Because the peril and the promise before us are so great, many believe we are receiving assistance from the spiritual world.  Some believe a portal to this dimension opened on 12/12/12, others are saying it will happen today, 12/21/12. These dates may be markers, but the evolutionary change upon us is much greater than any one day.

The important thing is that we are reclaiming our ability to create a New Earth where compassion, peace, justice, joy and love reign supreme. It has begun.

I think it is important that we share stories that symbolize this new way of being in the world- that we acknowledge the little miracles, the acts of  kindness, the connections, the healing and the new found love. Here are two I heard recently that I think exemplify the new paradigm we are creating on earth.

I heard the stories in the Global Peace Ambassador training I am taking with about 100 peace-loving souls from around the world. It is being led by James O'Dea, author of "Cultivating Peace", which Jean Houston called "one of the most important and profound books of our time." and Philip Hellmich, author of "God and Conflict" a true story of his time in Sierra Leone during their brutal civil war and his quest for peace within and in that terrible situation. I am honored and thrilled to be learning from them and other stellar teachers in the training and to be a part of this conscious and compassionate community!

Here is the first story in the words of Margaret, a participant in the training,

"I had departed the subway train and had planned to walk the rest of the way to my destination; about 5 blocks. At the transfer bus stop, where I had not planned to take the bus, I came upon a man and woman wearing a famous coffee shop’s work uniforms, who were in a very heated argument about something to do with work. Instead of walking on, my inner voice said I should take the bus.

 I did not listen to the details of their disagreement, but just started sending light, love, peace and healing to whatever was causing their divide. The arguing and cursing went on for about 10 minutes then all of the sudden they stopped, then they looked at each other and burst out laughing, at which point they both agreed it was pointless to argue about something that really didn’t matter on such a beautiful day. They ended up swinging their arms around each others shoulders and all was well… but that is not the end of the story.

We got on the bus, me still not having said a word, only offering a smile. As the woman took her seat she began to express her gratitude to God for the beautiful day and how blessed she was. The man, sitting in another seat, agreed saying he was grateful for all of his blessings too. I was not in the same seat with either of them, but when I got up to leave at my stop, this woman got up and asked me if I would hug her. To the dismay of the other riders, I joyfully hugged her deeply and said “God Bless You” as she was saying it to me. I turned away to depart and as she was sitting back down I heard her say to everyone, “Everybody needs a hug now and then,” which is a favorite mantra of mine! I think we both needed that hug. I think that busload of people felt that universal hug that day. I believe we do mirror each other, and the peace mirror is by far the strongest because it draws from the “big self” and not the little “ego” self."

The second story I heard during our weekly, global conference call. James read a letter he had received from Michaela, a graduate of this training, who is requesting prayers for her continued healing. She has been living in South Africa, working with a NGO on an AIDs project. One night she was assaulted and raped at knife point by four men. This is what she said about it.

"Throughout the experience, I saw them as sacred beings, knowing in my being that I'm strong and clear and praying as this continued. I left my body some of the time, but was very aware of trying to create a field of peace."

Eventually, there was only one man left. She told him she had come from England to help the people of South Africa. Upon hearing this he expressed his sorrow, saying he had done a very bad thing and she would never, never forgive him.

She answered, "It is indeed very bad what you have done. Now you must go and do goodness. I forgive you now."

She concluded by saying she was deeply receiving love and light all were sending her and added, "I am a very blessed person."

That Michaela was able to find forgiveness during this violent assault is remarkable. Some people who have suffered abuse never forgive, some take decades and apparently some take moments. Please hold this amazing woman in your heart and ask for healing light and love to surround her. And Margaret's story reminds us that we are all always broadcasting energy- when you consciously choose to radiate peace, you raise the vibration around you and create the space for little miracles to unfold.

These two stories and so many more are clear signs that we are indeed evolving as humans who not only know (Homo Sapiens) but who also feel (Homo Sapiens Sensus). We are reconnecting to our hearts, to ourselves and to one another.

Now I meant to post this a few days ago- and here it is already 12/21/12 (life happened)! I think most realize this day marks a new beginning not the end of the world (the Mayans themselves had other calendars that go well into the 3000s, so no worries there). But I do believe it marks the beginning of an ending- the ending of separation, anxiety, distrust and fear and the birth of greater connection, peace, understanding and love.

It is also the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year, but more importantly the day that marks a turning point- the return of the light, or as the Romans so poetically put it- The Birthday of the Unconquered Sun! It is a perfect day to remember, every moment can be a turning point- a time when you reconnect to the light within and choose love over fear.

Lastly, I personally think the portal to the divine love of the universe has been opened. We are being bathed in it. There has never been a better time to do healing work, within yourself and in the world.

I'll be next sharing a little meditation to help you connect to these loving energies. They are here to help us make the next evolutionary leap! Hold on to your hats it's going to be quite a ride, but our destination is assured. Or perhaps I should say, the never ending journey toward higher consciousness, peace and love is assured- it's our destiny!

All Beautiful Blessings of Love to You! Keep faith!


Shirley said...

Barb - Thank you for your continued loving and positive presence in our world.

Barbara Upton said...

Thank you Shirley! And thank YOU for the love and light you bring to the world too!

Unknown said...

These are all very inspiring examples of our human possibilities. Thank you, Barb, for keeping us on our toes!:)

Barbara Upton said...

That is funny- I responded to this but it disappeared! I thanked you dear Monika for keeping us not only on our toes- but dancing as well!"