Friday, April 6, 2012

Goddess Power!

    Trinity of Self - The Mother, the Daughter and the Holy Spirit                                                 watercolors by B Upton                          

I painted these little goddesses for a show I curated in 2001 called, "The Magical Feminine: Celebrating Woman, Her Bliss and Her Erotic Healing Power"! Here is what I wrote then and samples of the many affirmations I wrote for each goddess. The affirmations were wound up like little red roses in three gold boxes that hung under each painting and people were invited to see what the goddess wanted to tell them. Perhaps one of them below, is what you need to hear today too!

The Trinity of Self: The Mother, The Daughter and 

The Holy Spirit

The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost; what impact has this pantheon of maleness had on the developing female psyche? What has been the result of living in a world that has failed to honor the sacredness of the earth, women and female sexuality?  We have been taught a spiritual language that is not our native tongue and which has little resonance with the deepest parts of our feminine selves.

It is my intention that The Trinity of Self: the Mother, The Daughter and the Holy Spirit will speak to your soul. May the silent messages of these Goddesses echo through your days; “Embrace yourself more compassionately. Honor your body and sexuality more lovingly. Trust yourself more completely.”

The Trinity of Self: The Mother
Erotic fire and the power of creation burn at your core. Give life to your most passionate self and to your beloved dreams. Discover your vast starry essence through physical ecstasy. 

I am a strong, whole and worthy woman. I value my strengths and accept and learn from my weaknesses.
My love and nurturing ways make this world a better place.

 The Trinity of Self: The Daughter
Nature is our loving teacher. Surrender to the earth and connect  with your strong, instinctual self and natural goodness. 
I rest in the natural world and know I belong. Nature revitalizes and strengthens me.
I respect, protect and revere the earth. 

The Trinity of Self: The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit weds heaven and earth and the spiritual and the sexual into one blissful whole. Allow it to enter you and make peace with your body, mind and emotions. It is time to be the  unedited, uninhibited, natural force of healing for self and others you were meant to be!
I have awakened to my female power, unique voice and creative life force energy.
I can now forgive the past and be open to the ecstatic moment. 

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love your images, and accompanying descriptions Barbara. thank you.